SEO or Search Engine Optimisation – making sure you are found on the world wide web. We are here to help you, Inter-Arc Doncaster, SEO specialists.

Search Engine Optimisation

Can your site be found on the internet? If it can’t be found how can it work for you? SEO or Search Engine Optimisation will help it to work by matching what you offer to what people want. Search Engines match word searches to your site content, both back and front end, so they can select the best match for the search. The aim is for a high search engine listing especially on Google.

How Can I Get My Site a High Ranking

Below are some of the issues which will affect your site ranking.

  • Is your site well built and attractive
  • Will I find your site easy to navigate?
  • Will it give me a clear message about your product and the service you offer
  • Is your site regularly updated
  • Is your site well written and user friendly
  • How well is it written and the text presented
  • Does your site load quckly or will I wait for it to appear
  • Are there links from websites giving you kudos and stimulating high visibility

How Good is your site? Would you like us to do you a site audit?

How Good is Your Content

So you have a great site that you like, that users find easy to navigate and you think has a clear message. You’ve made a good start but how regularly do you update your site? I ask because it is so easy to neglect this important practice. Why is it important? Because google likes to see updates and to know your site is regularly attended to. This helps keep your page ranked high in the listings. Both the user and the Search Engines need to know you are active and you can add new content with ease, through the WordPress content managed system which will put you one step ‘ahead of the game’. But how good is the ‘back end’ optimisation on your site?

How good is your site? Would you like us to do you a site audit?

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Making Sure You Are Found on The Web

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Request a Site Audit

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